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El-tjeneste AS, by CEO, is the data controller for the processing of your personal data. This declaration is regarding how we collect and make use of such personal information, and what your rights are when we collect such information about you.


What is personal data?

Personal data is information that can be used to identify a person. This can include names, address, phone number, email address etc. Information about your activity is also regarded as personal data, and this can include the stores where you shop, what TV series you like and where you go for your daily runs. Some personal data is regarded as sensitive. This includes information about health, religion, ethnicity, sexuality etc., but on this website, we have neither access nor the need for this type of information.


What does data processing entail?

Data processing includes any use of personal information, like collection, registration, sharing, storing, analysis and such. The data controller is the one who decides why and how such personal data is processed and is legally responsible. In this case, it is El-tjeneste AS.


What is a data controller?

A data processor is other companies who help with the processing but does it on behalf of the data controller. These can include suppliers of accounting systems, analysis tools, shipping solutions etc. Everyone who uses such data processors is required by law to have a data processor agreement that ensures that all personal data is processed in a responsible manner and in accordance with the law.


What kind of data is collected?

In order to maintain our website as good as possible, we depend on being able to pay attention to the activities on our website. This means that we want to store personal information. Below you will find a list of the types of information we collect:


  1. Information we receive about your connection: This is first and foremost your internet address, also called IP address. When you request to visit our website, it’s the IP address that is the sender of the request.
  2. Information we receive from your device: This is the information that follows when your request reaches us. This information entails your operative system and what kind of browser you use when you visit our website.
  3. Information you give us: This is the information you give us voluntarily when you use our contact form, for instance. This often includes name, address, phone number, email address etc.
  4. Information about your activity: When you click on different things on our website, we store when and what you click on, but in most cases this information will not be used to identify you as a person.
  5. Cookies: These are small data files we store in the web browser, which can be read again later. They are used to recognise you when you go from site to site.


Why do we process personal data?

There are several reasons to why we collect personal information. Some of the data is essential in order for the website to work properly, while other data is collected to make the website more user-friendly. Below you will find a list of reasons why we gather personal information:


  1. To deliver our website to you: In order for you to see our website, we depend on knowing your location on the internet, so that we know where to send our website. This is what we use your IP address for.
  2. To remember what you have given consent to: When you give us consent, we try to remember it the next time you visit us. This is what we use the cookies for.
  3. To improve the website: We do not need to identify everyone who visit our website, but we’d like to know how many who visit us, if they’ve visited earlier and what they do on our website. This information is used to improve both how we set up our computers, and how to optimise the website.
  4. To promote ourselves: Marketing is important to us. We are dependent on getting our message out to the world, and by analysing some of the information we collect, we can target our marketing accordingly.
  5. To prevent abuse: Not everyone on the internet has good intentions, and we use personal information to a certain degree to prevent abuse on our website. This can include i.e., that someone tries to hack us, commit fraud, or any other unwanted type of behaviour that is prohibited by Norwegian law.


What basis do we have for processing personal data?

In order to process personal information, we need to have a legal basis. There are several that can be used, but below you will find the ones that apply to us. Our collection of personal information is essentially based on your consent, which is voluntarily. For example, in order for us to store cookies, you have to consent to this in advance. If we already have an existing customer relationship, we can use this as a basis (this is called legitimate interest) to send out newsletters and such, but if you are a new customer you are entitled to approve this first. Sometimes we have to use personal data to fulfill obligations to our clients, and this is the basis for the collection.


How do we take care of your personal information?

It is important that you trust that your personal information is in safe hands with us. We will not store more than we have to, and we try as much as possible to ensure that the information we store can not be used to identify anyone. Only when it is strictly necessary for someone to do their job, access to such information is granted and all personal information is stored in a secure manner. We use a security certificate (SSL) to secure communication between us and you. The certificate allows us to assure you of who we are, and that all information transmitted is encrypted before it is sent. All the information we collect is stored here in Norway and we have a responsibility to ensure that the information we store is correct and that changes can be traced. Should we suspect that personal information has gone astray, we are also obliged to notify you of this as soon as possible.


Who do we share personal information with?

We use Google Analytics to keep statistics of visits on our website. In order for this to work, we depend on storing a separate cookie and submitting information about the activity of the users on the website. The information we submit to Google is automatically anonymised and can not be used to identify people. In extraordinary cases, the authorities can request access to the information we have stored where this is required by law.


What rights do you have?

After the new law has been enacted, everyone has the right to know what kind personal information is stored, request a copy of this information and demand that their personal information be corrected or deleted. When you give us a consent, i.e., to store cookies, you also have the right to withdraw this consent whenever you wish. In those cases where we process personal data on the basis of legitimate interests, i.e., when we send out newsletters, you have the right to protest and we are obliged to stop. In addition to this, everyone is entitled to the general information about how we process personal information, but this is covered by this privacy policy. All such requests will be processed free of charge and within 30 days, and for more information about what rights you have, visit this website at Datatilsynet:

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