EL-tjeneste as has a strong focus on HSE, respect for the environment and future resources.
We are working proactively to ensure being a sustainable supplier.

Human rights, working conditions and ethics:

EL-tjeneste as is following applicable laws and agreements, we expect the same commitment from all our suppliers.


Products and Product Information:

Our products meet applicable laws and regulations.
EL-tjeneste as focus on making long lasting products of good quality, to reduce the impact on the environment.
Many of our products is made from aluminium, well suited to be recycled at the end of its lifespan. Our suppliers ensure a low carbon footprint in their production. Information about our products can be found on our webpage.


EL-tjeneste as constantly seek solutions to prevent and reduce negative environmental impacts in all our activities and products. To minimize the use of natural resources and to avoid environmental harmful processes and products.

As well as the global environment, the local environment is also in focus. By having a close cooperation with the society, always being open and responsive to feedback and new ideas.


To ensure that EL-tjeneste as will remain a sustainable supplier for our customers, the requirements are integrated into our internal control system, mandatory used by all our employees.

Aluminium; Environment and climate